Two Days of Kindergarten-Specific
Strategies, Energy & Fun!

Don’t miss out on the exciting and meaningful learning alongside Kim Adsit and the kindred kindergarten spirits who make up her crew – Deedee Wills and Adam Peterson. This amazing trio will empower you to take on the rest of the school year (and beyond) with a unique blend of timeless strategies and fresh approaches created specifically for your kinders.

Gain time-tested secrets and discover fun, new twists on the following topics:

  1. Reading & Writing
  2. Early Numeracy
  3. Motivation & Engagement
  4. Science & Inquiry
  5. Classroom Routines & Rituals
  6. Play-Based Learning

Select Your Location

Orlando, FL
April 16-17, 2018

Murfreesboro, TN
June 25-26, 2018

San Antonio, TX
June 28-29, 2018