Technology and 21st Century Skills

Preparing students to identify and conquer complex challenges in an ever-changing world requires fresh approaches and development of new techniques and strategies for teachers. Our solutions will help guide you through how learning and instruction have changed because of technology, identify learning styles and what each type of learner needs in order to succeed, and to discuss research findings on the characteristics of today’s students. Always up-to-date, our solutions offer the best strategies and techniques for today’s current technology.

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    Technology/21st Century Skills

    Power Up! Integrating Technology into Today’s Classrooms
    Readiness Level: Early Implementation

    Project-Based Learning in Authentic Ways to Learn
    Readiness Level: Early Implementation

    Critical Thinking and Creativity Skills
    Readiness Level: Early Implementation

    Teach Like a Techie
    Readiness Level: Early Implementation

    Integrating iPads® and Apps into Your Classroom
    Readiness Level: Early Implementation

    Collaboration and Communication
    Readiness Level: Early Implementation

    BYOD: Bring Your Own Device
    Readiness Level: Early Implementation

    SMART Board® for Smart Success
    Readiness Level: Early Implementation

Featured PD Resources

    Simple Steps to SMART SuccessSimple Steps to SMART Success
    By Laureen Reynolds
    (1–3) 198pp. $28.95 • #550262

    Accidental Techie to the RescueAccidental Techie to the Rescue
    By Lori Elliott, Ed.D.
    (K–6) 224pp. $21.95 • #550227

    Teach Like a Techie with AppsTeach Like a Techie with Apps
    20 Tools for Reaching the Digital Generation
    By Lori Elliott, Ed.D.
    (K–12) 192pp. $26.95 • #550260

    Teach Like a TechieTeach Like a Techie
    20 Tools for Reaching the Digital Generation
    By Lori Elliott, Ed.D.
    (K–12) 192pp. $26.95 • #550209

    Engineer Through the Year Engineer Through the Year
    By Sandi Reyes
    (K–2) 198 pp. $28.95 • #550264
    (3–5) 252 pp. $29.95 • #550276
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    Lori Elliott Lori Elliott, Ed.D.
    Bring This Expert to Your School or District
    Lori is an energetic and passionate classroom teacher and trainer. She has taught students in the elementary grades and uses her daily classroom experience to enhance her session presentations. Lori believes that integrating technology into instruction is a powerful way to enrich teaching and motivate students. She is the author of Teach Like a Techie with Apps, Teach Like a Techie, and Accidental Techie to the Rescue.

    Matt Gomez Matt Gomez
    Bring This Expert to Your School or District
    Matt has taught kindergarten since 2001 and has developed countless techniques for making learning meaningful and fun for young learners. His belief that relationships are key to classroom success are infused in his sessions. He passionately encourages educators to fully engage parents in the learning process. Matt enthusiastically uses technology to captivate students, fire up their love of learning, and connect them to the world outside the classroom.

    Chris Toy Chris Toy
    Bring This Expert to Your School or District
    A graduate of Bowdoin College and Brown University, Chris has worked as a teacher, principal, presenter, facilitator, and consultant for 30+ years. His interactive style reflects his belief that teachers and leaders must model what they expect from students, colleagues and faculties. Chris is a certified Apple Professional Development Consultant in North America and Asia.

    Dedra Stafford Dedra Stafford
    Bring This Expert to Your School or District
    Dedra Stafford is an internationally known speaker, trainer and author in education. She is a former middle level teacher and district professional development specialist who now consults and provides staff development in classroom management, differentiated instruction, technology integration, and teacher motivation. A regular contributor to professional journals and online teacher resources, she stays abreast of current educational issues as well as technology trends. As a former classroom teacher, Dedra understands the need for professional development that offers practical ideas, which can be implemented immediately into the classroom. Dedra has a unique ability to put teachers at ease as she teaches concepts and beliefs incorporated with humor in a user friendly way. Your audience will laugh, learn, and have a new enthusiasm about technology, climate, curriculum, and classroom techniques in any of Dedra’s sessions.

    Kathy Schrock Kathy Schrock
    Bring This Expert to Your School or District
    Kathy, a.k.a. the “Web Queen”, created her first website for teachers in 1995, which she actively maintains to this day. Since then, Kathy has developed expertise in many other aspects of educational technology. She has presented at over 150 conferences around the world, combining practical advice with a vision of tomorrow.

    Sandi Reyes Sandi Reyes
    Bring This Expert to Your School or District
    Sandi is a National Board Certified educator and an energetic presenter. She has spent her many years as a Kindergarten teacher developing new strategies and original materials for reaching each child's needs. Sandi believes that children must learn discipline, responsibility, and self worth in order to accomplish goals and succeed in both school and life. Sandi is the author of the books, Engineer Through the Year (K-2 and Gr. 3-5).

    Tammy Worcester Tammy Worcester
    Bring This Expert to Your School or District
    Tammy specializes in finding unique and creative ways to use traditional computer tools in the classroom. She enjoys sharing her ideas with teachers throughout the nation, at conferences and in schools, and has a presentation style that can be described as inspiring. Her website, "Tammy's Technology Tips for Teachers" ( is a popular online resource for teachers around the world. Tammy is also the author of nearly a dozen best-selling technology resource books that are published and marketed nationally.

    Laureen Reynolds Laureen Reynolds
    Bring This Expert to Your School or District
    Laureen is an experienced classroom teacher who offers practical ideas, tips for technology integration, engaging activities, suggestions for approachable Common Core implementation, and simple management techniques. Her goal: To capture each student's interest and encourage their independence as learners. Laureen is the best selling author of more than a dozen teacher resources, including Catch Your Kids Before They Fall: 140+ Skill Builders to Boost Academic Success.

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