Onsite PD Options

District and school performance and success are wholly dependent on the talent and skill sets of educators. To ensure excellence, top districts and schools confidently rely on us for their sustained professional development needs.

SDE fields an elite group of highly specialized experts nationwide and we carefully match these experts with our clients. We deploy training and consulting teams nationally and internationally to address specifically defined strategic training and development initiatives across a host of competency and performance areas. For nearly 25 years, our clients have entrusted us to provide them with relevant, actionable, flexible, and hands-on solutions that optimize their individual, team, and organizational performance.

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PD Options to Choose From

Onsite Workshops

    SDE Onsite Workshops offer consistent delivery of high-quality content grounded in research and best practices and focused on practical classroom application. These best-in-class trainings feature the hottest topics, the most relevant classroom ideas, and the highest instructional impact.

Hosted Events

    Select pre-packaged SDE seminars and conferences are available to bring right to your school or district, providing a cost-effective option of straightforward and effective PD that can be minimally-modified to meet your specific needs.

Job-Embedded Coaching

    Tailored to address the specific needs of the educator, job-embedded coaching allows the teacher to apply the strategies taught in PD trainings right in the classroom, under the guidance, collaboration, and observation of a trusted expert. This takes PD from a “sit & get” to a visual and actual classroom representation, which research shows provides a maximum impact for a teacher’s implementation of PD.

Customized Conferences

    Whether you need to train just a few teachers, or your entire staff or district, SDE presents high-quality onsite trainings tailored to meet your needs. Featuring some of the “best of the best” education presenters, SDE will craft your conference to best fit your teachers’ instructional needs, and provide them with collaborative opportunities to foster a community of learners. We’ll help you bring real-world strategies to your school or district, transforming valuable theory into meaningful practice.


    Research shows that the best way to ensure proper implementation of new strategies and techniques is through practice and actionable feedback, and our onsite Modeling and Observation helps your teachers to introduce and reinforce new instructional strategies, provide in-the-moment, non-judgmental feedback, and build teacher confidence in applying newly-learned strategies and skills.

Why SDE Onsite PD?


  • SDE presenters work with schools and districts across the country, affording a national perspective on what works in classrooms.
  • SDE On-site PD reaffirms and supports existing internal PD while opening doors to new skills and knowledge.
  • All staff members get the same message at the same time, creating a foundation of common language and shared goals.
  • SDE presenters are experts at working with school and district coaches.
  • SDE has touched more than 10 million students through onsite training alone!


  • Hands-on, interactive, bring-it-alive-in-the-classroom PD is an SDE hallmark.
  • Teachers learn best from other teachers. SDE education experts have a wealth of experience as classroom educators themselves.
  • SDE Onsite PD reaches far beyond the finite skills and knowledge of internal PD staff.
  • SDE's expert voice establishes credibility beyond that of the "usual" internal PD delivery.
  • SDE prides itself on bringing to you educators who are not only experts in their field, but also engaging and inspiring speakers.


  • SDE Onsite PD is more cost effective than sending staff to multiple professional development events.

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