Webinar: Time’s Up on Timed Tests! (Gr. 1-5)

Webinar: Time’s Up on Timed Tests! (Gr. 1-5)

Time's Up on Timed Tests

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Presented by Eliza Thomas & Kristin Hilty


Fact fluency still matters! But instead of developing mathematical fluency, timed tests give students more anxiety! It’s time for educators to give timed tests a time out. But, what do teachers do as an alternative? Join Kristin and Eliza as they discuss the concepts and strategies that led to their new book “Time’s Up on Timed Tests.”

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Eliza has taught students in a multi-age classroom, a traditional classroom, in a specialist setting, and in a content specific classroom. In addition to her classroom experience, she has presented locally and at the state and national level on a myriad of topics. Eliza has served as a Math TOSA (teacher on special assignment) and has taught math at grade levels Nursery through Math Methods for Elementary Teachers at the collegiate level as an adjunct professor. Currently, she supports districts with writing and refining curriculum, creating pacing and curriculum maps, developing common assessments, increasing background knowledge through vocabulary, as well as supporting teachers with their personal math development and their classroom instruction through ongoing and sustainable professional development. Eliza is passionate about creating relationships through teacher and student engagement, expecting rigor in research-based instruction using promising practices, and establishing relevance within content.