Prompts & Responses for Better Classroom Conversations

Prompts & Responses for Better Classroom Conversations

Better Classroom Conversations

Here are some guidelines and conversation starters you can use in the classroom.

1. Share Thinking

“I believe that ________ because ________.”

“This reminds me of ________ because ________.”

“Overall, I think that ________.”

“My point is ________.”

“A question I have is ________.”

“I wonder why ________.”

2. Ask For Evidence

“Can you give me an example?“

“Why do you say that?“

“Show me.“

“Like what?“

“What’s your evidence?“

“How do you justify that?”

3. Build On Ideas From Others

“I agree that ________ because ________.”

“I agree that ________, but ________.”

“I want to add that ________.”

“That idea reminds me that ________.”

“I like what ________ said because ________.”

“I’m not sure I agree with you because ________.”

4. Give Evidence

“For example, ________.”

“According to the text, ________.”

“Let me show you what I mean.”

“It says right here that ________.”

“An illustration of this could be _________.”

“This is an example of ________.”


Download a PDF of this tip sheet: SDE-Tips-Classroom-Conversations-Lambert