"I loved it! Dr. Jean was inspiring. She had great ideas and obviously knows a lot about child development. Thank you Dr. Jean for all the joy you bring to children's lives, by giving teachers and parents tools to help them in the classroom and at home. I really appreciated the opportunity to attend this. It is wonderful to go to a conference, after working with children for 30 years, and still come away with something new!"
Lisa Walters, Brickzone Kids

"I've been to hundreds of seminars throughout the years and this was truly the most valuable!!!"
Lori Jesen, Lakeview Elementary

"teaching. I appreciate her style and ability to express her ideas with enthusiasm and love. She is so full of joy and it was refreshing to listen and learn from her. It also felt good to know that all the music, songs, finger plays, rhymes, and stories are so critical to the overall success of a child. Thank you!"
Julie Randall, Hazelwood Elementary School