How do I become a presenter for SDE?

Your first step is to complete the Presenter Application & Information Form and provide the requested materials. After SDE receives and reviews this information, we will do one of the following:

When will I hear back from you?

SDE will contact you no later than two months after receiving your materials.

How often can I expect to present?

The number of presentations varies greatly. How often you are asked to present depends on the following factors:

Can I still present workshops for other groups and on my own?

When presenting for SDE, you remain an independent contractor and may present for other organizations. If you are presenting at an SDE conference or seminar, we require that you do not present a workshop on the same topic within 60 days and within 60 miles of the SDE workshop unless the engagement is scheduled through our Onsite PD division.

What do I do with leads for future or follow-up work that I get at an SDE seminar, conference, or onsite training?

Whenever you work for SDE, you are working with our customers who are there as a result of our marketing efforts and expense. Therefore, any requests for future or follow-up work at any SDE engagement must be referred back through SDE. When possible, we will keep your interests in mind when awarding this work. However, you always retain the right as an independent contractor to accept or reject any of this follow-up work offered by SDE.

How far in advance will I be notified about my presenting dates and my schedule?

SDE conferences are booked six to twelve months in advance. Once we print your name on a brochure and you sign a memorandum of agreement, you must conduct the presentation.

SDE’s Onsite PD division contracts presenters to present for schools, districts, and other organizations. Lead time for an on-site training engagement can vary dramatically, but is typically between one month and one year. Once you sign the presenter confirmation letter, you must conduct the presentation.

If an emergency situation arises, you may be contacted and asked to fill in for another presenter on a few days’ notice. As is the case with all our presentations, it is up to you to decide whether or not you wish to agree to do the engagement.

What audio-visual equipment is provided by SDE at seminars and conferences?

Each presentation room will be equipped with 1 display table and a screen. Presenters will be responsible for bringing any additional equipment such as LCD projectors, computers, etc.

Do I provide my own handouts, overheads, and workshop materials?

Presenters must provide SDE with PDF handouts for each session they present. Attendees will be given access to download these handouts prior to the event and for one year following the event.

These handouts must be fully proofed, with no typographical errors, and be ready to duplicate. You are responsible for providing proof of permission for any materials that are not original. It is SDE’s responsibility to ensure that your handouts will be published to the handout website.

Overhead transparencies and display materials that you need are your responsibility. If you require other supplies and materials for your workshop, you must provide and pay for these additional materials unless you have written permission from SDE.

How much can I expect to get paid?

Your stipend will be based on presenting experience as well as current market value.