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8 Mathematical Practices: Not a Mile Wide, But a Mile Deep

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We ran across a disturbing article. It described a study a few years ago that followed thousands of undergraduates for four years. It found that large numbers of these students did not know how to think critically or reason—two higher-order … Continue reading

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8 Mathematical Practices and the Two Words Teachers Love to Hear from Students

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Young children in the early years love to explore, discover, work together, and make connections in their classrooms. If they succeed at learning and it’s fun, they want to learn more. It’s during these years, specifically K–2, that they form … Continue reading

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Teacher, I Have to Get a Wiggle On!

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There’s one (or more) in every classroom. The child who doesn’t pay attention, is disorganized, can’t stop fidgeting no many how times you tell her, is forgetful, has to touch or bump into other students, talks too much, and disrupts … Continue reading

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Creating Math Centers? Make K.I.S.S. Your New Mantra

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We all had a good laugh over this one … A kindergarten teacher admitted she was pleasantly shocked when she heard one of her young math students exclaim “That center activity was so much fun!! Let’s do it again!” It … Continue reading

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