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Tom Cruise—a Role Model for Your Learning-Challenged Students? (Recognizing Red Flags)

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What do Richard Branson, Napoleon, Agathe Christie, and Tom Cruise have in common? They are famous people with learning disabilities. Billionaire Richard Branson credits his business acumen to his struggles with dyslexia which affects the way he visualizes words. Napoleon’s … Continue reading

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Summertime: 7 Daily Habits to Keep Young Minds from Turning to Mush

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It is 8 am on the very last day of school before the long-awaited summer break begins. You should be excited—very excited. And you are. But you’re also feeling a little anxiety about what’s ahead for your students and their … Continue reading

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Creating Successful Lessons that Meet the Common Core—No Need to Reinvent the Wheel!

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Need some fresh, new ideas for creating lessons to meet the rigor of the Common Core? Simple ideas that don’t require much time? We know you have none to spare! We’re all about using technology to extend your current lessons … Continue reading

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Help! I’ve Got Too Much Stuff in My Classroom!

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Struggling with too much stuff in your classroom and too little space? Not sure how to get on top of it all? Today, we share a story “from the field” we’re sure those of us who are “organizationally challenged” can … Continue reading

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Winter break: Stop the brain drain!

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Winter break can be challenging—for students, parents, and, yes, teachers. Of course, the first day or two is pure joy. Students get to stay up late, sleep in, and play with their friends. Parents don’t have to worry about packing … Continue reading

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