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8 Mathematical Practices: Not a Mile Wide, But a Mile Deep

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We ran across a disturbing article. It described a study a few years ago that followed thousands of undergraduates for four years. It found that large numbers of these students did not know how to think critically or reason—two higher-order … Continue reading

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Building Literacy Skills: If You Don’t, Who Will?

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Do you have students in grades 6–12 who rarely read for fun? Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. According to the nonprofit Common Sense Media, there has been a clear decline over time in the number of students who do. … Continue reading

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Giving Formative Feedback Is Hard

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We’ve asked many teachers over the years what are the most difficult parts of their jobs. Over and over, we hear them say “giving students feedback.” And lately, we’re hearing more teachers say “I am doing what I have always … Continue reading

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What Administrators May Not Know About the Common Core

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Remember when you took a first look at the Common Core State Standards? Do you remember thinking—like so many of us—There’s nothing new about this! Okay, so learning should be robust, relevant, and rigorous. Nothing shocking about that, is there? … Continue reading

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Creating Successful Lessons that Meet the Common Core—No Need to Reinvent the Wheel!

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Need some fresh, new ideas for creating lessons to meet the rigor of the Common Core? Simple ideas that don’t require much time? We know you have none to spare! We’re all about using technology to extend your current lessons … Continue reading

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