Anni Stipek

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Anni is an inspiring and knowledgeable classroom teacher with over 20 years of experience educating and motivating students in kindergarten through eighth grade. She’s passionate about equipping K–2 students with early numeracy skills, has traveled to Singapore to experience Singapore Math first-hand, and draws on a solid background in math curriculum design and implementation. Her book, Word Problems for Model Drawing Practice—Level 6, is widely used by teachers across the country. She also has developed several online courses on Singapore Math techniques.


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  1. Jack Garb says:

    This is an enquiry as to recorded success of schools in the US using Singapore or internationally.I am not referring to schools that have adopted Singapore math but rather to those who have been using the system for some time and have shown significant improvement
    Or any research longitudinally? Or any academic studies? I would appreciate your response.

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