It’s Story Time

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It’s Story TimeBy Terra Tarango, President, SDE

I’m convinced that almost every professional at some level can benefit from refining the skill of storytelling. As our world is becoming more and more commoditized, it’s the story that sets something apart. Take cell phones, for example. Just about any smartphone on the market has the slick touch screen that brings to your fingertips all the communication and data apps you can possibly want. So why does one buy an iPhone and why does another buy an Android? The answer is: They don’t. People don’t buy phones, they buy the stories that those phones represent. You buy an iPhone because Apple has masterfully shared a story of innovation, intuitiveness, and, let’s face it: cool factor that you relate to. You buy an Android because you connect with the anti-Apple story. Whether it’s phones, cars, or shampoo, you relate to things because you find something compelling in its story.

The same thing goes for people. You don’t buy from a salesperson that points out the features and benefits of a product. You buy from someone who opened up to you and shared their story. When you learned about their kids or where they grew up, they were humanized and you trusted them. Their story brought you in, and you felt all the more connected to them and the product they were selling.

So as you look to relate to your students, tap into your inner storyteller. Whether you’re introducing short vowels, assessing fractions, or analyzing Macbeth, find your story and share it. How do you personally relate to what you’re teaching? How can you tell it to your students in a way that they connect with you and the content you’re serving up? Snuggle in; it’s story time.

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2 Responses to It’s Story Time

  1. Janet Frazier says:

    How true that we can grow and encourage the growth of those around us by refining our story-telling skills! Speaking, listening, creativity, and expression are all so important to communication. Thank you for your insight.

    • Terra says:

      Right on, Janet. And I might argue that communication will take you farther in life than long division any day! Thanks for the comment. Happy storytelling.

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