Got a SMART Board®? Give it a big hug.

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Web_Reynolds_Simple Steps to SMART Success-blog1Teachers today have many tools in their tool kits. Best teaching practices. Behavior management savvy. Patience. Passion. An innovative spirit. (Did we mention patience?)

Chances are, the SMART Board is also one of those tools. But having a SMART Board in your classroom and knowing how to maximize it are two different things!

How about you? Are you using the full range of SMART Board features? Are you creating engaging and customized lessons that blend video, text, and graphics? Are you using the SMART Board to dive deeper into content? Make lessons accessible to all? Simplify clerical tasks? Liven up center time? Add spark to your calendar routine?

You know you’re a SMART Board pro when …

You are open to trying new things. (What’s the last SMART Board tip you learned and how did you learn it?) You have a degree of risk-taking built in to your personality. You think outside the box. You “get” that today’s children have different expectations and learning styles than previous generations. You’re comfortable with the interactive whiteboard and you integrate it into your day. You understand when to use technology—and when not to. You can adapt lesson plans at the drop of a hat when you see a child struggle.

Does that sound like you?

In case you need a reminder of the many reasons to continually update your SMART Board skills … here’s just some of the praises teachers are singing about their SMART Boards:

Lessons that were once tedious are brought to life.

It’s like teaching students in the language they are fluent in—technology.

I can reach even the most reluctant kindergartner in my class.

Research instruction is easier and more fun in an interactive environment.

A student can actually lead the class in a discussion.

The needs of every student are easily accommodated.

My students are learning without even realizing it!

It captivates my students and keeps them wanting more, more, more!

It puts students in control of their own learning.

My little ones who are not ready for textbooks have access to all kinds of content areas.

It’s my best behavior management tool because it keeps my kids focused.

My students feel like little CEOs as they present their ideas and projects.

Students get engaged faster—the moment I turn on the Board—and stay engaged longer.

It’s easier to make learning relevant through websites that open the doors to the world.

Now that I am using the SMART Board, I am more passionate about my teaching!

Reaching my ELL students is easier using a variety of visual/kinesthetic activities.

I can reach students who don’t get it through traditional instructional methods.

My reluctant students come out of their shells. They can’t wait to come to the Board and show what they’ve learned.


Web_Reynolds_Simple Steps to SMART Success-blog2
Ready to boost your confidence and squeeze more out of your SMART Board?  Check out SDE’s webinar Simple Ways to Really USE Your SMART Board (Gr. K–5) by classroom teacher Laureen Reynolds, author of Simple Steps to SMART Success.

We’d love to know about any tips you’ve found for using the SMART Board in your classroom. Let us hear from you!

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