Creating Successful Lessons that Meet the Common Core—No Need to Reinvent the Wheel!

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BlogPostGraphic_CreatingSuccessfulLessonsNeed some fresh, new ideas for creating lessons to meet the rigor of the Common Core? Simple ideas that don’t require much time? We know you have none to spare!

We’re all about using technology to extend your current lessons and provide richer, deeper—and funner—Common Core learning experiences for our children.

Good, caring teachers already hit a bunch of the standards in their lessons. They integrate rigorous reading, writing, speaking, listening, and math—just the way the Common Core standards were designed to be integrated.  Add in the right website or app and your lesson can easily be enhanced to teach questioning, analyzing, thinking, and more core-friendly skills.

You know how young children love playing with technology. iPhones, iPads, websites, apps, digital cameras, Skype … they’re a guaranteed way to get and keep kids excited about learning. And to save teachers worried about increasing rigor tons of time

Have you ever taken a digital photo of a little one, given a kid headphones to listen to a story, or invited them into a colorful and interactive web site? They absolutely love it!

Why not tap into the power of technology to help align your lessons with the standards? Create an audio recording of stories and poems. Add captivating audio visual effects. Encourage back and forth conversations among students. The power is literally at your fingertips.

Let’s say the topic is animals. Go to the Web or find an app to help you challenge students, encourage collaboration, and raise the learning bar for all. Your students will squeal “Again, again, again!”

Check out these “animal” web sites—they are amazing:

• National Geographic Young Explorer

Called a “Magazine for Kindergarten and First Grade”, this web site allows children to explore the world while building research and inquiry skills.

• National Geographic Creative Feature

Kids can browse animals by species or habitats and see maps where animals live.  Includes amazing photo shootage. And video—little children love short clips.

• Real Photographs for Presentations

Get free high-resolution photographs for your classroom use.

We also love these cool apps and how they can turn “animal” learning into discovery and exploration …

• Reading Rainbow App

Download the free app and open the door to an unlimited library of books and video field trips.

• World Wildlife Fund

Experience the world’s most amazing animals in one app. An award-winning interactive experience that brings students closer to the stories of elephants, rhinos, and other species.

• Tell About This app

Kids love to tell stories—and talk! Capture their thoughts and stories using visual prompts and voice

BlogPostWebinarGraphic_KeepItChangeItTossItFor more details about these and other web sites and apps you can immediately integrate into your lessons, check out SDE’s webinar Keep It, Change It, Toss It: Tweaking Current Lessons to Meet the New Standards (Grades K–2) by National Board Certified Educator and early childhood specialist Kathy Griffin.

How are you doing adjusting your lessons to the new standards? Do you have any technology or other tips to share? Let us hear from you!

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