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Summertime: 7 Daily Habits to Keep Young Minds from Turning to Mush

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It is 8 am on the very last day of school before the long-awaited summer break begins. You should be excited—very excited. And you are. But you’re also feeling a little anxiety about what’s ahead for your students and their … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs & Lessons Learned from a Garage Tinkerer

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Sometimes we’re reminded of what’s important for our children by observing the life of others. Take Steve Jobs, for example. As the renowned founder of Apple Computers, he is such a giant figure of the 21st century that it’s hard … Continue reading

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Gifted Students and the $1,000 Question

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There are so many debates swirling around the idea of gifted students. Educators go back and forth on what gifted really means, how to identify and measure giftedness, whether you are born with it or it is developed. Think back … Continue reading

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My Personal Journey to Better Instruction

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By Ricky Mikelman, SDE Educational Consultant Here’s a not-so-secret secret.  I’m not always a great teacher.  And I certainly wasn’t always a great teacher.  It’s been a long and a really interesting journey.  It’s involved two states, five school districts, six … Continue reading

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Weekly Graders Rarely Make History

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By Terra Tarango, President of SDE Short-term teaching can be convenient, predictable, and even rewarding. There’s something safe and secure about delivering content in expected chunks, with the familiar test on Friday. But, you didn’t get into teaching with a goal … Continue reading

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