Conference for New Jersey Kindergarten Teachers
Feb 27-28 2017 -- Atlantic City, NJ
Featuring Presenters: Palma Lindsay, Mary Amonson, & Kim Adsit
Discover professional development that is research-based, innovative, practical, and motivating, and will also help you increase rigor and critical thinking in your instruction.
  • Centers
  • Classroom Management
  • Guided Math
  • Project-Based Learning
  • Readiness/Retention
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Lori Elliott, Ed.D.

Lori is an energetic, elementary classroom teacher who believes that integrating technology into instruction enriches teaching and motivates students. She is the author of Teach Like a Techie with Apps, Teach Like a Techie, and Accidental Techie to the Rescue and the blog, Lori’s Latest Links.

Jayne Gammons

Jayne Gammons

Jayne has more than 15 years of preschool and elementary teaching experience, and strives to bring rigor to the classroom without losing sight of developmentally appropriate practices. She served as the senior editor for the preschool edition of The Mailbox magazine and early childhood product. She is author of the blog, Smart Kids.

Jim Grant

Jim has emerged as the nation’s Spokesperson for School Success with a dedicated mission to stop school failure. He is an internationally renowned educator, popular speaker, and author of many professional books, including the best‑selling, Differentiated Instruction: Different Strategies for Different Learners and Differentiating Textbooks.

Kathy Griffin National Board Certified Teacher

Kathy Griffin

Kathy has 15+ years of experience teaching PreK through 2nd grade. She was her district’s Teacher of the Year for 2008 and has twice been nominated for Disney Teacher of the Year. Kathy is the creator of the CD and multimedia files Growing Dendrites with Kathy Griffin. She is the author of the blog, Kathy Griffin’s Teaching Strategies.

Pat Pavelka

Pat Pavelka

Pat is a classroom innovator and speaker with more than 30 years of experience as a teacher and national education consultant. She earns high marks for her creative strategies, straightforward style, and real‑life solutions. Pat is the author of a variety of popular professional books, including Reading Standards for Literature, available in three volumes: K, 1, and 2.

Kurt Schwengel

Kurt Schwengel

Kurt has been a classroom teacher since 1995. He is passionate about demonstrating the benefits of integrating computers into the classroom, and about delivering his creative, new, primary curriculum. He is an NBC Crystal Apple award winner, eHow “Education Expert”, Google-Certified Teacher, and author of the blog Rock and Roll Kindergarten.

Sherri Strating

Sherri is an experienced educator, former Missouri Teacher of the Year, and a recipient of the National Presidential Award in Elementary Science. She is the author and creator of the professional development program, Open the Eyes of Struggling Readers and Writers to Literacy Using Strategies in Comprehensive Literacy.

Donna Whyte

Donna is an education consultant well‑known for her practical and motivating strategies designed to help children reach their full potential. She is the author of several books and CDs, including the highly acclaimed teacher resources, Morning Meeting, Afternoon Wrap‑Up and You Can’t Teach a Class You Can’t Manage.

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