Conference for Florida Kindergarten Teachers
Dec 01-02 2016 -- Orlando, FL
Featuring Presenters: Deedee Wills, Dan St. Romain & Sandi Reyes
Discover research-based, innovative, practical, and motivating professional development that will help you increase rigor and critical thinking in your instruction.
  • Next Generation Sunshine Standards
  • Guided Reading/Writing
  • Centers
  • Fitting It All In
  • Intervention
  • DI
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Mary Ann Baker

Mary Ann Baker

Mary Ann is the Director of Community Outreach (Adult Education/Fundraising) for the Classical Christian School of the Arts and a National Certified Trainer for CTE (Center for Teacher Effectiveness) Time to Teach. She started her career in special education with PreK-3rd graders in Miami-Dade County in 1995. She is dedicated to empowering, encouraging, and providing results-based strategies to support classroom management so teachers can get back to their purpose and passion: TEACHING!

Angie Bonthuis National Board Certified Teacher

Angie Bonthuis

Angie is a 15-year veteran of the kindergarten classroom. She holds National Board Certification in early childhood and is a certified Cognitive Guided Instructor trainer. Angie believes the most important step in lesson planning is listening closely when students tell you what they already know. For 15 years, she has been the author of a popular web site that's now a blog (

Lynne Ecenbarger

Lynne Ecenbarger

In her role as a teacher, administrator, instructional coach, and education consultant, Lynne has dedicated her career to improving literacy and proficiency in math. She has consulted with more than 700 schools throughout her state and across the nation. Lynne is the author of five teacher resources, including her popular Method Mania series.

Sandi Reyes National Board Certified Teacher

Sandi Reyes

Sandi is a National Board Certified Early Childhood Specialist, coach, mentor, and author with more than 25 years in education. She shares ready-to-go, low-prep solutions that support standards across the early childhood domains. Sandi focuses on play-based learning strategies and developmentally appropriate practices that can be done anytime, anywhere. Her inspirational ideas empower teachers to create learning environments that set the foundation for the primary grades and for lifelong learning. She is the author of "Engineer Through the Year" (K–2 and 3–5).

Dan St. Romain

Dan is a national educational consultant who is passionate about helping educators shift their perspective on behavior in today's classroom. He currently is a behavior consultant for a school district, where he works directly with students and supports staff. Dan is author of "Ten Simple Songs for Better Behavior in the Classroom" and "How Are You Feelin', Juan Pablo Chameleon?"

Deedee Wills

Deedee Wills

Deedee is an experienced teacher, literacy coach, and presenter with a deep background in early childhood education. She has won numerous awards, including WalMart's Teacher of the Year. She loves connecting with other teachers through her popular blog, "Mrs. Wills Kindergarten." Her sessions are a great way to tap into her creative, fresh ideas for creating a classroom where every kindergarten has fun and succeeds.

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